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How loud will the music be?

The music is kept at safe levels for children while also being loud enough to create the correct atmosphere so that it feels like a rave.

Are there age restrictions?

The event is aimed at 0-10 years however all ages are welcome. We do ask though that whatever the age of the person attending, our events are aimed at young families so please be respectful of others.

How dark will it be? What type of lights are used?

We do not use strobe lights however we do use lasers and bright lights. The main room lights will be lowered but visibility will still be safe.

Can I bring my buggy?

Yes and we have sufficiently sized allocated buggy park areas at our events. We ask that no buggies are taken onto the dance floor for safety reasons.

Health and Safety

We have professional secruity on site at all events and the events are risk assisted by health and safety professionals.

Is there wheelchair access?

Yes we ensure there is always wheelchair access at our events.

What music is played?

Tiny Dancers family rave Djs play a mix of Drum n bass, house, breaks and many other dance genres in between that will keep everyone moving to the beat with a couple of finely selected dance versions of kids songs.

Will tickets be available on the door?

Only if we haven't sold out. Ensure your family are not disappointed by purchasing tickets in advanced.

Do adults require a ticket?

Eveyone over 12 months old who attends our events require their own ticket. Children under 12 months are free.

What is a family ticket?

A family ticket allows entry for 2 adults and 2 children, or 1 adult and 3 children.

Is food and drink available?

Yes there will be a selection of soft drinks, alcohol and snacks available. Alcohol will only be sold to people over 18 years and you may be asked for id.

Other information
  • By attending our events you give permission for Tiny Dancers events to take photos and video of the event of use of press. If you see a photo you wish to have taken down from any of our media outlets please contact us via email.

  • Admission is only for adults attending with a child with a maximum of 3 adults to one child.

  • Buggies should be kept in the buggy park area and not taken onto the dance floor. Buggies are parked at the owners risk.

  • Tickets are non refundable and not to be resold.

  • Parents remain responsible for their children at all times. They must remain under supervision.

  • Please drink alcohol responsibly.

  • Music is kept at safe levels and we will supply some ear defenders however to guarantee you have some please bring ear defenders if you wish.

  • We do not use strobe lighting or lazers however we do use club lighting.

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